Absinthe Fountains

An absinthe fountain is more than just a decorative water dispenser - a fountain is the ultimate absinthe accoutrement - it makes preparing a perfectly mixed absinthe absolutely straightforward, and even allows you to prepare several glasses of absinthe at once. They are perfect for parties, or just for amazing your friends! Original, antique absinthe fountains are rare, fragile, and very expensive, selling for upwards of $5,000. Even those in a good condition are seldom entirely waterproof, and the taps are often clogged with limestone deposits built up over the decades.
Our replicas of original absinthe fountains are entirely made from stainless steel and heavy gauge glass and are precision engineered to give years of trouble-free use, therefore Absinthe Original absinthe fountains are less expensive than antique absinthe fountains.
You can rest assured, our whole range of absinthe accessories are ALWAYS the finest reproductions and not the cheap knock-offs sold on internet auction sites.

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Absinthe Fountain


This absinthe fountain is a perfect, fully functional exact reproduction of the most famous absinthe fountain style