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Art deco absinthe fountain - Lady Absinth Fountain

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If you are into Absinthe in a serious way, you need one of these fountains! The Absinthe fountain slowly drips ice water into absinthe, drop by drop, over the sugar cube perched above the absinthe glass. The fountain is very easy to fill, top rests on large metal ring on top of glass reservoir, lifts off to reveal large chamber with good size opening to allow easy filling with water and ice. Large weighted base is reassuring - not easy to tip over. Spigots and fittings turn easily, flow very adjustable and nothing leaks. Easy and straight-forward to break down for cleaning afterwards. The fountain is constructed out of solid brass and plated with a metallic finish. The bowl is made from mouth blown glass and has an easily removable brass lid. The fountain's bowl is also etched with a decorative pattern add to the allure for this beautiful absinthe fountain.

The absinthe fountain is shipped carefully packaged and will require some easy assembly. This entails simply connecting the base to the bowl and placing the cover on top.

Did you know...?
Please don't think that fountains only serve the purpose of adding water to your drink. They have far more to offer than that. Your Absinthe Fountain Set is a beautiful piece of art that can be proudly displayed when not in use, they will allow more than one party guest to mix or louche there drink simultaneously and they will always be the center piece and meeting place of any absinthe party. Most importantly, they allow the ultimate, slow drip required to make a perfect absinthe each and every time. If you drink this magic elixir, then you definitely need an absinthe fountain to make your adventures memorable. The fountains of today are often replicas of fountains from the original "Belle Epoque" when absinthe was at the height if its popularity.



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This absinthe fountain is a perfect, fully functional exact reproduction of the most famous absinthe fountain style